Session 4 Champs - Zemke's Zombies 6-1-1

Back Row - Dan Richter, Jeff Wells, Duane Petersen, Dave Fallon, Del Overton, Chuck Brand, Bob Horstmann
Front Row - Joe Koerner, Dave Zemke (mgr), Deb Warnke, Al DeLacey
Not pictured - Dave Anderson, Pete Christiansen, Ken Granle, Steve Oeltjen, Joe Zawierucha 

Session 3 Champs - Matt's Ratz 7-1

Front row - Gordie Haubenschild, Deb Warnke, Curt Callstrom, Bill Miller, Joe Koerner, Gerry Nelson

Back Row - Dwight Ruff, Bill Sutter, Scott Hanson, Ken Nelson, Matt Halleck (mgr), Denny Dodge, Larry Kruger, Chuck Brand

Not pictured - Jim Cook, Tom Kowalewski, Rocky O'Dell 

Session 2 Champs - Gosse's Mavericks 5-2-1

Front row - Dave Anderson, Rocky O'Dell, Curt Callstrom, Deb Warnke, Tom Kowalewski, Bill Gosse (mgr)

Back row - Bill Sutter, Jim Chihak, Jim Grant, Larry Batterson, Brian Mortland, Dave Fallon, Jeff Wells, Tom Lundin

Not pictured - Bob Adams, John LePage 

Session 1 Champs - Gosse's Mavericks 6-2

Front row - Tom Kowaleski, Tom Lundin, Bill Gosse(mgr), Dave Anderson

Back row - Bill Sutter, Bill Beaupre, Don Benike, Ken Granle, Dave Fallon

Not pictured - Gordie Borner, Jim Grant, Jerry Krantz, John LePage, Dwight Ruff, Gordon Haubenschild 

2017-2018 Season

General Information

Players  and Play

Dome play is open to men 50 and over, women 40 and over.  Pay to Play.  See payment information below. 

New this season - we are moving the drafted competitive games to Wednesdays, with pickup/practice games on Mondays and Fridays. 

We will only allow a MAX of 15 defensive players  (P, C, 4 IF, 4 rovers - LFR, LCFR, RCFR, RFR, 5 OF - LF, LCF, CF, RCF, RF) on the field and everyone bats for Monday and Friday games.  No over shifts, no rovers can go deep as an outfielder and no rovers can move inside the deepest infielder to fill a gap.  This will allow the not so strong hitters a fair chance to get hits.  There will be a MAX of 12 defensive fielders on the Wednesday games, but everyone bats.

Monday and Friday games will have balanced teams picked by one the coordinators.  Wednesday games will be by draft to one of three teams with a session captain for 8-10 games (4 sessions).  Rosters are here

Dome rules apply, with ceiling and walls in play, 300 foot fence, (please help set up and take down).  Field coordinators (Ben Borgen-Head Coordinator, Gordy Haubenschild-Assistant Coordinator/Event Coordinator, Curt Callstrom-Assistant Field Coordinator, Mike Ewen-Assistant Coordinator/Treasurer and Bruce Borgshatz-Treasurer) will have final ruling on all disputes.


RMSS will provide 2 ASA bats (1.20), 27 oz., one bucket of practice balls, a score board, a pitching screen and a storage box with chain or cable.

We will have new balls for Wednesday games that will roll to Monday and Friday play. 

2 heater boxes for bat warming. 

Bring your gear to play (fielding glove, personal bat, batting gloves, shin guards, face mask, tennis shoes, turf shoes)  No metal spikes.  Safety is your responsibility!

Indoor restrooms and water fountains!

We will have at least one fence repair day after a practice game and a quick refresher on CPR and what to do in an emergency at the dome TBD.

Good Sport Conduct Code

We play for fun, fitness, fellowship, and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS A MUST!  Misbehaving players will be given ONE warning; second time is expulsion from dome with loss of fees paid.  Field Coordinators will handle all disciplinary actions.

Liability Statements

This Dome softball “pick-up” game opportunity is not associated with the Rochester MN Senior Softball (RMSS) League.

Players play at their own risk, and should use their own judgment if Dome Softball is right for them.  By playing you agree that there is no liability to anyone else.

Each Party’s liabilities shall be governed by the provisions of the Minnesota Tort Claims Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 3.376 and other applicable law.

The Dome is formally called the Rochester Regional Stadium Bubble (RRSB).  It will be operated and controlled by the RRSB on the RCTC campus (Michael Sheggeby, Lead Site Coordinator).  We must comply with all polices, e.g. no alcohol, no tobacco, no sunflower seeds, no fighting, and we pick up after ourselves.

Schedule Information

We have a 43 Day season, 16 Mondays, 17 Wednesdays, 10 Fridays.  First day is Friday December 1 and the last day is Friday April 6.   

Dome is closed/unavailable on  December 25, January 1, February 9, February 23, March 9, March 30.  Ben Borgen's Tournaments are Dec 14&15, Jan 11&12, March 15&16, so we lose these Fridays as well. .    


Wednesday dome games are 4 sessions of 4 or 5 days with 2 7 inning games each day for a total of 8 or 10 games per session 

  • Session 1 - Dec 6, 13, 20, 27  = 8 games. 
  • Session 2 - Jan 3, 10, 17, 24 = 8 games
  • Session 3 - Jan 31, Feb 7, 21, 28  = 8 games
  • Session 4 - Mar 7, 14, 21, 28, Apr 4 = 10 games

Dome Ball Free Days To All Are:
  • Friday December 1:  Welcome to Dome Ball 2017-2018
  • Friday December 22:  Christmas Donations/Red Kettle headed By Gordy H

Detailed schedule showing all dates including game schedules.

Payment Details

Pre-pay Plan
43 day MWF
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day
33 day MW
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day
16 day M
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day
17 day W
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day
10 day F
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day
26 day MF
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day
27 day WF
 Season pre-pay 5.00 @ day

Admission this year is $6.00 @ day

Admission by the week $5.00 @ day

Admission by the month $5.00 @ day

Credit for missed pre-paid days from past seasons will be applied to 2017-2018 pre-paid packages.  Check with Bruce Borgschatz. 

If you are a pre-pay and you walk-in for extra play it is $5.00 @ day

80 and older free season Pass

New first time dome players 1 free pass

All money collected is RCTC's not RMSS's. 

Make Checks payable to RCTC Dome